The National Organization of Deported Migrants (NODM) is a non-profit, community-based organisation established in 2010 to assist involuntary returned (deported) migrants to prepare for and to adjust to life in Jamaica. We are committed to supporting the IRM community in rebuilding their lives and becoming valuable contributors to the society.

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NODM provides pre-and post-departure support services and individualized support.

Our operation staff and our team of volunteers are made up entirely of returned men and women who fully understand the challenges and difficulties arising from deportation. We are here to serve you. Our services include:

   • Pre-departure advice by way of telephone, email or our website for persons scheduled for return to Jamaica
   • Meet and greet service at the airport. Staff will meet all returnees who make a request. We provide a friendly face, advice; help contacting family or friends and onward transportation in the event no family or friends are present to do so. This reception service includes a rest stop or refreshment break.
   • Ongoing support through a range of activities that are designed to give returnees the best possible chance of reintegrating successfully, such as help with re-documentation, finding employment and training. We offer cultural awareness activities and a forum for members of our community on a quarterly basis.

Additionally, NODM plays a vital role in advocating for involuntary returned migrants and participates in discussions on a national level pertaining to deported migrants’ reintegration, with a view to improve policies and procedures.

NODM is a Charitable Organization

As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of the public and our government and non-government partners for funding. We do meaningful work. We design programs that aid involuntary returned migrants (IRMs) rebuild their lives. Approximately 200 individuals are deported to Jamaica each year. Data out of Jamaica’s Ministry of National Security and Planning Institute of Jamaica shows that up to 50% of persons deported to Jamaica spent more than 15 years in the deporting country and have few family ties in Jamaica. IRMs have a lot to offer Jamaica and we have helped to write many success stories.

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