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Hi,  I am winsome..  I have been into crochet as far back as I can remember. I think I was attending all age school. I saw my mother making crochet hats. From there I learn to crochet. I find it very relaxing, so it has become one of my hobbies. I started creating my own stitches and I started making little purse for myself. People saw my little purse and encouraged me to make them and sell, so I got into it big time just going around and showing what I can do until I have become more of a master on crocheting from bags to blouses and what ever u want. I even crochet a whole blanket.

Back in 1999, I went to England and there I discovered another thing I am really fond of and that’s tapestry. It’s a form of stitch that’s done on canvas. This I really enjoyed doing. It takes me a few weeks to complete a whole cushion, but I just enjoy doing this I have made so many cushions from this.  I have a few pieces that I am yet to complete into cushions, so I’ll make myself busy doing these things,

Card making is another one of my hobbies, I have been making cards from as far back as I can remember in school, I was always fascinated with art, so card making comes natural for me. I love doing it. I do personalized cards and anything u ask I try to use my imagination and bring something to the table

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The National Organization of Deported Migrants {NODM} is a not for profit organization that was established to assist deported migrants to adjust to their new lives in Jamaica. Our operations staff is made up entirely of deported men and women who fully understand the challenges and difficulties arising from deportation. Following the official launch in October 2010 at the University of the West Indies, the organization has partnered with the British High Commission Jamaica Office, (BHC) the International Organization for Migration, (IOM) the Ministry of National Security (MNS) and several other government agencies and NGO's to provide deported persons with practical real life assistance in their effort to reintegrate and resettle in society.   Board of Directors Our Board of Directors is comprised of noteable Jamaican citizens and provides oversight to the Executive body.   Operations Team Our day-to-day activities are managed by deported persons, all of whom are able and willing to provide advice and support derived from their wealth of experience, expertise and first-hand knowledge on the issues and challenges associated with deportation.