Transportation from Airports: NODM meets the Virgin Atlantic flights arriving from the United Kingdom at Donald Sangster International Airport on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you arrive on one of these flights NODM will be available to transport you to any location island-wide. If you arrive on a British Airways flight into Norman Manley International in Kingston NODM can meet you upon request. If you are being deported from the USA or Canada, a somewhat different process of arrival applies. We encourage you to get in touch with us ahead of time so that we can better assist you.

Emergency Housing: Open Heart Charitable Mission in Montego Bay operates a homeless shelter for males and females. Open Arms Drop In Centre in Kingston operates a homeless shelter for males. NODM can arrange for your stay in either of these locations. Special arrangements will be made for the accommodation of women and children. 

Contacting family and friends: NODM personnel will assist persons trying to contact family or friends via phone, Internet or social media.

Re-documentation: A facilitator is available to assist with the acquisition of Jamaican birth certificates and Tax Registration Number (TRN), as well as with acquiring other certifications and registrations necessary for employment, such as Food-Handlers license and driver’s licenses.

Advice and support: NODM is staffed by a cadre of deported persons. Regional Coordinators are situated across the island who are available to provide on the spot advice and support.

Networking: NODM provides persons with the opportunity to network as a way to counter the challenges associated with deportation and reintegration into Jamaican society. In addition to forums, workshops, and retreats, deported migrants are always welcome to visit our headquarters in Kingston.

Periodic follow ups: Regional Coordinators will do follow up visits and place periodic telephone calls to deported persons in their respective regions to ensure they are able to access our services in a timely manner.

Information on securing personal effects from the UK: A Customs Facilitator is available to assist persons in this area.